5 Innovative Ideas for Creating Your Next Kitchen Cabinets

If you are starting a project that involves remodeling your entire kitchen, you may be excited to know that there are so many different ideas that can be used to transform your entire kitchen into a beautiful scene out of a household magazine. Because interior designers are thinking out of the box to use a wide range of different materials, new and old, the sky is the limit in developing kitchen designs that can take your breath away. Many of these kitchen designs will not only save on the family budget but also utilize older items that can be recycled easily. Therefore, if you are looking for ideas that can create the most innovative transformations like your next set of kitchen cabinets, here are some kitchen ideas that can help you with jump-starting your projects.

#1. Use Barn Wood Recycling Materials for Your Cabinets

Use Barn Wood Recycling Materials for Your Cabinets

For those people who like to take the unordinary to make a newly designed set of cabinets that picks up the entire kitchen renovation, you should look for barn wood as an option for your designs. Because barn wood is sturdy and thick enough to last for many years to come, it is perfect for making kitchen cabinets for your new home. For instance, with this idea, you can create a great rustic appeal that looks like the ambiance of the country. Also, since you can find these types of materials being discarding in areas around the county, you can start this project will virtually no money. Especially, when you are only recycling these materials to make the design that you are envisioning.

#2. Basic Customize Kitchen Cabinets versus Out of the Box Retail

In the past, the owner of the home was responsible for building their entire structure from ground floor. The labor for these usually included the family, friends and even the neighbors around the locations when they lived. So, the kitchen cabinets of years were usually made of simple designs that only included wooden structures that held the food and other things that could be placed in the cupboard. Today, people who want to take advantage of do it yourself basic customized cabinets can benefit greatly from starting and completing these kinds of home improvement ventures. In fact, in order to save money, the basics of creating a cabinet can be completed by just one person if they only have the time, a little extra wood and the skills to put the basic together. To find a design that has worked well for many others, you should visit

#3. Pallet Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Pallet Wood Kitchen Cabinets

When you have a small budget to work within, you may not be able to afford to purchase and install the type of kitchen cabinets that you desire. This is especially the case for those of you who want to install cabinets that do not like the traditional cabinets that you can find any local hardware store. In fact, because you have a picture in your head that sports the innovation and versatility that you like, you do not want to settle for the traditional cabinet features that everyone has in their homes today. Instead, you may want to take advantage of pallet wood since it is in abundance in certain areas of the U.S. and abroad. In fact, pallet wood is being used for a wide range of different residential projects because the ending results and aesthetic appearance is often awesome. So, if you are interested in what you can do and the variations that are presently being presented to homeowners, you should look for these types of tutorials online.

#4. Update the Old Traditional Brown Wooden Cabinets to an Updated Gray Upscale Decor

Update the Old Traditional Brown Wooden Cabinets to an Updated Gray Upscale Decor

Though starting a new project from scratch may sound appealing, the cost of these home improvement projects may be too high in price to tackle. In fact, for some homeowners, it may be many years in the future before they can afford to even dream about installing new appliances and fixtures. On the other hand, because there is more than one way to solve a problem, there are other options that can be considered. This is often the case for those of you who may choose to simply give your kitchen cabinets the facelift or update that they need. For instance, if you do not have the finances to rip out the old kitchen cabinets and replace them with completely new ones, you may opt to update your cabinets may changing the decor and the aesthetically looks of each. Typically, for those homeowners who want to minimize the cost, you may choose to create a modern look by changing the colors of the old traditional wooden brown cabinets to a more updated gray upscale farmhouse feel.

#5. Remove the Center Panel and Replace with Glass or Decorative Wires

If you like your old traditional wooden cabinets in your kitchen because it helps to save you money, you can utilize the old to keep from having to buy all new expensive modern versions. Typically, to create a new modern look using the old cabinets that have already been installed, you can make a simple modification to create the look that you are searching for today. For instance, if you remove the center panel from the traditional kitchen cabinets, you can replace them with decorative wires or glass to create a completely new look for the entire kitchen area. Listed below are examples of each.

To give the look of an old rustic touch, you can use chicken wire to create this effect.

Remove the Center Panel and Replace with Glass or Decorative Wires

To give the look of an opened glass window, you can use plexiglass when you remove the center panel.


How to Design Small kitchen

Kitchens are an essential part of any home, and everyone needs a spacious, smart and well-appointed one. But it is unfortunate that kitchens are shrinking due to the ongoing trend of micro-home, small apartments, and downsizing. Thus, knowledge of how to maintain the same efficiency, style, and organization of a large kitchen when given the much smaller space is required.

Small kitchens can restrict those who love cooking and baking recipes from scratch. There are many ways through which you can make most of your tiny kitchen by working with the layout of your space. Whether your kitchen is U-shaped, confined to a single wall, or tucked in a corner.

This article has gathered the best small kitchen design ideas to help you add style to kitchen structure and make it spacious. The tricks discussed are ideal for those renovating and starting from scratch or those wishing to refresh their existing space.

Sorting and storing thing up high

Sorting and storing thing up high

For you to have maximum space in your tiny kitchen, you must consider how you use the kitchen and where everything needs to be. For instance, items can be sorted on how often they are used. Therefore, you can consider putting everyday dishes on a lower shelf which is easy to reach while special occasion pieces higher.  In the case where you have space between the ceiling and white kitchen cabinet. This space can be utilized by adding baskets to help in storing lesser used tools.

Consider using compact containers

Consider using compact containers

Compact containers greatly help in making your kitchen spacious and neat. Consider putting windowsill or shelves to work by adding big baskets. They can be stock bottles, packets, fresh herbs in pots among other items. Additionally, a basket is the best thing to packing condiments, so that you can take them to the dining in a single trip.

Converting every corner into a storage space

Space may be wasted in various places, such as unused corners, gaps between shelves, at the back of the cupboards, below the sink and windowsills.  Similarly, spaces on walls and doors can be utilized. For instance, through adding a utensils rail or magnetic knife board, hooks on the sides of the cupboards or ruck hung over the door.

Extra shelves can also be put in unused corners or across alcoves.  Relocating items which are not in every day’s use to another place in your home is a brilliant idea of creating space. Alternatively, infrequently used kitchenware or those with one purpose can be stacked if possible.

Add storage helpers

Add storage helpers

Drawers and cupboards are the primary storage resources in the kitchen.  It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that they are fully utilized by the use of internal storage solutions. These solutions include retrofitting wine racks or slim cupboards, using drawer dividers for utensils, spices, pans or plates. Storage space can also be boosted by using mobile solutions.

For example, the use of trolleys and butcher’s block on castors or by putting containers and baskets on top of wall cupboard. You should keep a sturdy stool nearby to help in reaching them.

Consider clearing away the clutter by tiding your work surface

For small kitchens, consider putting away wall cabinets since they encroach on space. Instead, the use of open shelves can make huge impacts in creating storage space. If there are too many items cluttering up the worktops, smart solutions must be opted for arranging kitchen appliances. Using wall-mounted magnetic knife strips, rails to hang utensils, pans, mags, spice, jars, and cutlery bins are some of the ways.

Keep your kitchen scheme simple

Keep your kitchen scheme simple

Pure white walls help in making rooms to appear larger.  You can also take the arrangement further by use of sleek, modern details which open space.  Light, reflective materials and use of minimal designs are your friends in a small kitchen. Therefore, you might consider using white glass cabinet doors, white stones or composites, stainless-steel worktops or white splash back tiling. Additionally, using statement lighting might be the best idea to divert everyone’s attention instead of them noticing the size of your kitchen.

Ensure that no space goes to waste

To most people, not every small kitchen will have a room, but if you are determined to have an island or peninsula, you may consider slimline design. Different workstation designs may provide extra storage space and still be used for food preparation.

Use breakfast kitchen counter

By connecting both the breakfast area and your kitchen with a pass-through helps you in opening both areas. The opening countertop adds a spot that can be used for breakfast. Besides, you can opt for low chairs which do not detract visually from the room.

Select new places to keep your washing machine

With a large and spacious kitchen, this may be the prominent place to put the washing machine. But for those with small ones, it better to relocate the laundry appliances elsewhere like in the bathroom. Alternatively, if you have a separate washer and dryer, stacking the machines in the kitchen may be a better option. This help in hiding them out of sight, save space and aids, streamline laundry days.

Supersize your sink

With small kitchens, space for dishwashing may be limited. Therefore it is worth finding room for a double sink. Employing ideas like using two bowls one for keeping dirty dishes and the other for washing them is an ideal way. This way, you will have somewhere to pile mucky pates out of sight, and without cluttering up your workspace.

Neaten up the small compact kitchen

Neaten up the small compact kitchen

Nowadays, not everyone is lucky enough to get a vast open-plan kitchen. But with your small kitchen, it is easy to keep everything to hand. Thus, you can opt for handleless designs to have a neat, sleek and streamlined appearance. Similarly, you can design your kitchen features to have a maximum of three different materials all in muted colorways.

Install floor-to-ceiling cabinetry

For those who think vertically, this may be a good idea for them to design their small kitchen. If you decide to install cabinets up to the ceiling, you must plan carefully to ensure the room feels open.  For high cupboards, store less frequently used items.

Choose a functional kitchen island

It is possible that you will lack room for an island and breakfast nook. Hence, it better to choose an island that can serve double duty. This is by using it as a counter space while prepping dinner and eat at it later.

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